Dao Tea is a consulting company led by Pedro Villalón; it is involved in the following projects:

O5 Tea Company, Limited

O5 Tea is Vancouver’s first and premier third wave tea company; it runs a flagship tasting bar and curates tea menus for boutique hotels, premium restaurants and third wave coffee bars across Canada and the United States. O5 Tea has also been hired by as a consultant by Fortune 500 companies, luxury hotels, an international tea school and the Japanese External Trade Organization. In 2023, O5 opened a sister location in Kyoto, Japan.

Two Hills Tea, Limited

Two Hills is an importer, blender and wholesaler of certified organic tea, focused on wellness and sustainability.

Founded in 1998 in Nelson BC, Two Hills serves wholesale customers in 4 provinces (Canada) and 38 states (US), including independent organic food cooperatives, health food stores, and Canada’s largest independent chain of coffee shops.

International Tea Appreciation Society

The International Tea Appreciation Society is a non-profit organization that promotes the development of tea culture through in person and virtual events. The Society joins producers (at origin) with importers and drinkers.

The Leaf & Steel Project (information available soon)